7 Ways to make your Relationship Beautiful



Who doesn’t have crappy flaws though? We all do and we just have to live with them right? I mean unless you have money for cosmetic surgery and hypnotherapy…then I guess you don’t. For the rest of us commoners we must realize we are perfectly imperfect. Its always best to shine a light on the qualities you love about your spouse. Trust me they already know what’s wrong with them. Your job is to highlight the good in them to improve their Kanyesteem. This will make a man feel ten feet tall around you.


Him leaving the toilet seat up is not a huge problem commes des fak down. All you have to do is calmly lower it and handle your business. Sure its annoying but I know you must have your little habits too that he lets slide. Picking your battles is so important because no one likes fighting everyday with the one who is suppose to protect and love them.


Would you be mean and jealous of your friend? Do you treat your friends with respect and love? If so, your partner deserves that much too. Would you go through your friends purse or phone? You would go through your friends purse or phone unless you were a thief or weirdo. The same courtesy should be given to your boo. Friends laugh, talk and support one another. Make your man your friend and watch love blossom.


Love is kind and love is patient. Love keeps no record of wrong. Love is the most powerful emotion of all. It is the only force that can literally wipe out hate entirely. Deciding to say and do more loving things to your man will make you and him feel better.


Never go to bed or work angry. One will ruin your dreams the other your level of productivity. Learn to talk things out, but more importantly be willing to LISTEN. Anger is just hurt in disguise. Don’t take things to heart all the time and be willing to forgive and let go of resentment.


Going all the way back to your precious childhood your mother taught you how to use your magic words. Thank you is such a simple two word phrase that can do wonders for your love life. When is the last time you said “Thank You”? If he picks you up everyday after school or work show him some appreciation. Don’t get mad he’s late sometimes that is a spirit of ungratefulness. Traffic happens and sometimes you have to wait. No matter whether it is a big or small gesture of kindness, letting your love know you appreciate it is a huge factor for his happiness with you.


Remember when you first seen him across the room. The way you felt the first time you kissed or made love? The woman you were then was the whole reason he fell so hard for you. You smiled more and laughed making him feel drawn to you. You didn’t act crazy and you really did excite him in the most passionate way. If right now tjings are dull or shakey get back to basics. Bring the passion back to your relationship. Men are not built to tell you they want laid back fun Ashley back. They wouldn’t want to piss you off. Trust that inside they miss the old you. If you can admit you changed, just take it back a bit and watch all the joy return to your relationship. Its worth a try.

Written By: Natosh Monroe

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The Power of Ambition


We have many examples of women in society that learned just how powerful becoming ambitious can be. These are the women who literally rise from obscurity to positions of power and respect right before our eyes. Some sit in amazement unable to rationalize how it actually happened. Today you will learn just how simple it is to tap into that incredible energy. By doing so you will literally TRANSFORM life as you know it. Today I would like to introduce you to one of the world’s greatest motivational coaches. His name is Jim Rohn-the man I have to thank for motivating me to do better and aim much higher than I ever have. I’m confident his words will leave a lasting impression. Enjoy!

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With Jim Rohn

How to date a Successful Woman


Most men can agree that to find a woman who is beautiful, smart, down to earth and successful is a blessing. We are attracted to those we find positive and doing great things in their lives. It’s embedded in us to want more and to be around people who do as well. This may not apply to everyone you know but if you are reading this article it certainly applies to you. So how do you date a woman who is driven, interesting and career focused anyways? We have the answers! It’s not nearly as hard as you may think so no need to feel super intimidated if you do not have all your ducks in a row. If you are working on yourself or have already achieved a level of success and are ready for love, we are going to help you prepare for that future wife.

1. Be Successful at what you do.

Like successful men, successful women want a partner that shares the same values, mindset and work ethic they do. It’s not about who earns the most at all for most women. What matters is you have realistic goals you have put into action. Successful women want a man that understands why she goes so hard and one whom she too can be inspired by. Show her that you too have dreams and aspirations by making them into a reality. You should both motivate and inspire one another every day.

2. Be supportive of her dreams and aspirations.

If you have a woman in your life that has decided to go into business for herself, go back to school or change careers your support will be extremely important. Sure she is self reliant and quite capable of motivating herself, but a thoughtful word of encouragement can go a long way. Let her know even if she fails that you will always be there to support her 100%. Knowing your man is in your corner makes the rough times so much smoother.

3. Understand that she isn’t interested in getting pregnant at the beginning or height of her career.

I know how as men get older and more financially stable they yearn for marriage and children. Women do as well, but not as soon as their careers take off. This is a very stressful demand to place on a career driven woman while she is still building her brand from the ground up. It certainly is not all about her but be considerate that it will slow her down. Be patient and mutually agree on a time that makes you both happy. Afterall, it is she who has to feel the painful contractions and take the year off of work-not you.

4. Do not become jealous of the time she puts into earning a living.

Have you ever dated a woman who acted extra needy and like a Stage 4 Clinger? Well, chances are you were her main focus not her work or self. As sweet as that sounds in the beginning, over time it can become downright overwhelming. The successful woman will not have the time to play needy girlfriend role at all. Chances are between the time she creates to spend with you and work, she has little left for a much needed manicure. Never make her feel bad for trying to improve her life. If she is spending time with you on weekends and keeping in touch during the day-she cares about you. Show her that you appreciate this by being understanding.

5. Keep fights and petty arguments far away from your relationship.

There are few successful women that will openly bitch about their stress levels. They may open up to you if they love you but in the beginning many will have a poker face. When you argue or fight with a woman, it affects EVERYTHING she does for the rest of the day. In more severe cases where the argument is unresolved it can affect her week. As a man who works hard you know how important peace and positivity is to your well-being. A woman who works hard wants love and happiness in her relationship,  not stress.

6. Be her sweet escape from work.


When two ambitious people come together the magic they create when together is nothing short of beautiful to witness. Both of your days may be filled with hundreds of emails, clients, meetings and business deals. The time you spend together should feel like the sweet escape from it all. The arms you can run to that remind you it will be alright. Plan fun things you both can do together and make your dates enjoyable.

7. Shower her with love and affection.

Women who are successful are normally responsible for many other people besides themselves. They are constantly depended on, called on and bombarded with questions 24 hours a day. In this position, it is easy to feel unappreciated and loved. If she is a public figure she gets daily hate mail and has to shake it off to not go crazy. You telling her she is beautiful and loved can turn a bad day completely around for the better. Speak life over her each day and watch her respect and appreciation for you soar to greater heights.

8. Do not put down yourself with her ever.

It may make you insecure at times if your lady’s career is moving at a more rapid pace then yours. Maybe you notice how much attention she gets and it makes you feel invisible when with her. No matter what never express insecure behaviour. If she is with you she thinks the world if you. There is something about you that she connects with and she thinks you are good enough. Confidence in both men and women is sexy. Have you ever seen an unattractive man will a bombshell?  Yea we all have! The reason is he had swagger and confidence which made her see him as the sexiest man alive. That is honestly all it takes.

9. Do not make her feel guilty for having many supporters, fans or admirers.

If your girlfriend is a model, celebrity, Top CEO, successful business owner or socialite she will be popular. People will recognize her everywhere she goes and that is not her fault. If anything it speaks volumes about her genius ability to market herself. As long as she is not flirting with men around you, allow her to engage her audience. Never taunt or belittle her fans because they help her to live a comfortable lifestyle you may benefit from as well.

10. Tell her you are proud of her accomplishments and give her your honest opinion at all times.

A little secret about women is we could get 1,000,000 compliments in a day and the only one that will matter is the one we get from the man we love. We believe it, cherish it and it lights up our lives. Never assume she is hearing it enough and hold back. Tell her how proud you are of her accomplishments and that you are proud of her. Leave a note encouraging her to keep going and that you believe in her ability to do a great job. These things are what matter most to career focused women.

All of the points listed can easily be flipped and applied to how to date a successful man. Like attracts like. Those who aim for more in life have to manage more responsibilities and must prioritize. Being a loving, sweet and understanding partner will be the perfect balance to her life. Every successful woman craves the love of a man who gets her. To be that man all it takes is consistency and love.

Written By: Natosh Monroe

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How to deal with a boss from hell


Its 6:00 am. You slowly open one eye before your vision adjusts on the screen of your phone. Yup…it really is morning and yes you really have to go to your job. In a perfect world you would be more than happy to go, there’s only one little problem-YOU HATE YOUR JOB.
Your coworkers are extremely annoying, well except for Nancy from accounting. She once told you who ate your Michellina’s and bought you a Starbucks coffee to make you feel better, she gets a pass. As for everyone else and more importantly your boss from hell who belittles you constantly with meaningless tasks-you don’t fancy them one bit.
Sound like your life in a paragraph?
If so, this article is for you. On your way to the top you may have to rough it out at a shit job to pay the bills. If my occasional cursing offends you just hug a puppy and pretend it didn’t happen. Here are 6 ways to deal with a boss from hell:

1. Kill them with kindness. No matter how condescending or arrogant your boss is always remain professional. People are only miserable when they hate their lives.

2. Never take their criticism to heart especially if they have bad eyebrows. “A person who refuses to pluck gets none of my f**ks” a rule of thumb for all non savages in the workplace.

3. Realize that being a boss is tough work even if yours plays flappy birds all day on company time. The frustration built up from dying as soon as they get closer to passing level five would drive any person crazy.

4. If your boss forces you to work long crazy hours as though you have no personal life never get upset. If this job is purely for monetary gain, which would be the only way you could endure such mess, stick it out while forming an exit plan. Look at the extra hours as his or her way of saying, “Im trying to help you earn more money faster so you can hurry up and leave this hell hole but im too much of a douche to say it”.

5. Always do a phenomenonal job. It will infuriate a boss who assumed you were incapable of greatness. Do more than you are asked to do and do it with flair. If you must be there for your own sanity make it enjoyable.

6. Everytime she messes up your name use it as an opportunity to live vicariously through the person she thinks you are. Become Rashida and role play for the rest of the day among your coworkers as the person your boss’s demetia has created. It will make the day much more enjoyable to not have to be you. Insist everyone call you Rashida Fierce and hum Beyonce songs at your desk until the end of your shift.

Written By: Natosh Monroe
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Beyonce-BLOW-Inspired MAKEUP LOOK

Unless you have been super busy making yourself successful or living under a rock far from the Universal Beyhive you know Beyonce released her new album in the middle of the night with no warning. This left all her fans in total bliss and excitement (including myself) to hear all of her new songs. One of the more uptempo songs off of her most recent album ‘POP’ is the song “BLOW” which is a roll, skate, bounce sort of groove that makes you want to get up and dance. If you would love to get the look she rocks so flawlessly in the Video YouTube video beauty blogger MsRosh Posh has blessed us with the way to achieve it.

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Make Your Own Vision Board in 5 Simple Steps



Vision boards are an excellent way of communicating your desires to the universe. A lot of groups often include vision boards as part of their activities. When you make your own vision board, you’ll find yourself learning a lot about yourself as well.

There are times when you don’t exactly know why you are drawn to the picture of a house and then two months later, you realize that you’re living in it! Indeed, vision boards can be quite powerful. If you want to know how to make your own vision board, read on!

Step 1: Focus on what you want.

First of all, you have to be clear about what you’re creating your vision board for. Do you want something specific like a new house or a new car? Or do you want to improve your career in general?

By focusing on your intent, you will be able to send out a better message to yourself and the universe as well.

Step 2: Get your materials ready to make your own vision board.

You will need to have a poster board and many magazines. You can choose your magazines depending on what you want to focus on. You’ll also need glue to paste your pictures on the board.

Step 3: Cut out the pictures that call at you.

To make your own vision board, start cutting out pictures from the magazines. You don’t have to justify everything on the spot. You can also cut out words that seem to jump at you from the page.

These pictures (or words) are meant to represent your desires, so there really is no wrong or right choice.

Step 4: Gather them all together for your vision board.

After cutting out the pictures, gather them all together. This is the time when you start editing. You’ll need to ask yourself which pictures fit your intention and which ones don’t.

Step 5: Make your own vision board.

Now that you have sorted through your pictures, glue them to your board. There is no one way of arranging them. It all depends on what you think is right.

For example, you could arrange them all according to category or create a story out of them. Personally, I don’t have a set pattern. I paste them one at a time, just following my intuition.

You don’t have to be a visionary to make your own vision board. That happens after the project is done. Anyone, even kids themselves, will have a lot of fun doing this activity. Vision boards help make you conscious of your desires; and in turn, make you even more determined to fulfill them.

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The Pros & Cons of Online Dating



Remember back in the day when the only way to meet a guy was to leave your house? You actually had to interact with a guy face to face and take your time getting to know him. Well, those creep free days are over. Today we have the wonderful joys of social media, which has changed the way we interact and date men forever. Like a guy and want to get to know him? Google, Facebook and Instagram will give you his 411 free of charge, no stakeouts or Private Investigator needed. Maybe you are a more traditional kind of gal and prefer the classic way to meet men. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and it is encouraged. However, we would be wrong to suggest it is the best or only way. According to E Harmony dating site 1 in 5 relationships begin online. Considering that most of us spend hours a day checking our Facebook and Instagram profiles there is no wonder this happens. You are going to meet men where you spend most of your time. So here is a list of the Pros and Cons of meeting guys online. Would you date a guy you met online? Post your thoughts below in a comment.



  • VARIETY: There are hundreds of dating sites targeted at specific needs of both women and men. From Chubby Chasers to Exclusive Dating Sites for Beautiful People only, you are sure to find one that meets your dating needs easily. There are tons of great men who have online profiles. If you are not into dating sites, Social media is less forward and effective. It’s great for the woman who leads a busy life and may not have loads of time to be out on the scene.
  • THE PRE-CREEP: Now don’t even pretend that I am the only woman who enjoys the Pre-Creep experience. We all like to look through the photo albums and personal profile to get to know the guy we are interested in. It helps us to build attraction and search for common interests. You may look and see that he parties really hard and says the most immature things all the time. You may not have known this by seeing him in a Tim Horton’s morning line up. The creep saves you time and builds interest.
  • MUTUAL FRIENDS: Facebook let’s you see who knows the guy you like and how. It definitely gives you the ability to hit up the mutual buddy and get the low down. Back in the day this was not an option and made online dating much more risky. If he is friends with people you know and respect chances are he is a good person.
  • MRS. WORLDWIDE BABY: If you like your men international and muscular then you have that option without the use of a passport. Social media brings us altogether from every corner of the world. You don’t need to travel agent to see what men in a certain area look like. You can meet whoever you want with one click of the mouse. As you can imagine this presents some challenges concerning distance, which brings us to the cons.


  • LONG DISTANCE: Due to the fact that geographical barriers are non existent online, you may meet an amazing man that lives 4,000 miles away from you. Not only is that hard to maintain but super expensive. I am a believer in true love and know if two people want it bad enough it will work. Still, distance can sometimes cause strain on a relationship overtime.
  • THE CATFISH EPIDEMIC: MTV‘s new hit show “Catfish” is based on a real documentary about a guy who developed an online relationship with this hot artsy girl. They spoke on the phone and interacted for quite sometime in a loving manner. Turns out this hot girl was an old woman and lying the entire time. The poor guy in the documentary received such an overwhelming response of people in his same situation, he made a show about it. The show helps love struck beings to find out if their online loves are real people. When dating online you could run into people who post fake pictures on real profiles. They live the life of these people online, making others assume that’s the real them. It sounds as crazy as it really is. Social awareness of these Catfish profiles is on the rise and it should always be kept in mind. The solution is to Skype before falling for their pictures.
  • FALSE ADVERTISING: As we have learned from the news is you can’t believe everything you read or see. Some men are wealthy online and very poor in real life. It is easy to copy and paste a baller lifestyle. Stealing vacation pictures and posting luxury goods is not that hard to do for the average Joe. Not that material things should be the focus, its the lying that is the problem. If you decide to give a seemingly successful man a chance just know it could be a front. So always be clear on what your true intentions are before you are left holding the bill-LITERALLY!

Have you ever met a great or not so great guy online? If so we would love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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Written By: Natosh Monroe



It may be a little chilly outside but this gorgeous African inspired fashion line will get you all heated up and looking forward to the sunny days to come. I came across this Ghanian born fashion designers page on Instagram in February an instantly fell in love with her bold and vibrant approach to fashion. Her line is called: Ohema Ohene which is located in the UK where she is headquartered.

If you are looking to channel your inner African Queen this Spring/Summer 2014 and turn heads in a bold yet chic pant suit we encourage you to check out the site asap. What’s great is she also makes some pretty hot ensembles for the GQ men of the world as well. Here are a few looks we fell in love with:

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3 Reasons You Should Stop Waiting for him to Call

(Source: speak your heart up blog)

Hey girl, So I see you’re looking like you haven’t showered in what looks like days. Not to mention I have never seen so many empty buckets of ice cream and bags of snacks in one room. I have to be the friend to tell you that this must stop today. Maybe your case is a little less dramatic and you just feel like crap because the guy you like has basically disappeared without a trace. It definitely sucks and I know the feeling. The truth is he is not dead and he just not feeling the situation anymore. We could sit here and go through all the reasons this happened, but it’s likely you have already done that leg work with no luck. There really is no legit reason for lacking dating etiquette and unfortunately you will have to just accept it for what it is. Now before you start crying or feeling unlovable let’s face the facts.

1. You are a great and loving woman who was confident enough to go out looking for love

2. You may have said or done something but you were being yourself the whole time and that IS enough

3. If you slept with him you may feel used and hurt, but at least you know first hand why it’s best to wait in the future. Some girls end up pregnant or with AIDS so consider yourself lucky all you got was his absence.

Now this is why you should stop waiting by the phone. Some times in life we focus on the smallest experiences and make it so paramount in our minds. We rationalize that life feels horrible and sulking in misery is the only way to deal. Whenever, I feel this way I remember a story I once read. I would like you to picture the following situation in your mind.

You are running late to a funeral. A very close friend of the family has died and you have been invited to attend her funeral. Your car had trouble starting which made you arrive late. You end up making it to the church fifteen minutes into the service, just in time to grab a decent seat. When you enter the service you see a lot of people you know. You see your mom crying in the front with your family members and a few people you have not seen in years. A few heads turn to acknowledge the doors being opened and you do your best to quietly find an empty seat. The people in attendance are all dressed in deep dark to black hues with solemn expressions of grief. The woman seated next to you begins to cry uncontrollably holding what looks like a child’s painting. As you closely examine the painting you realize it is one you created in grade 3 for your teacher Mrs. Reid. You look closely into the face of the woman and don’t recognize her at all. Maybe it wasn’t your painting after all. A lady goes up to say a few good words about the girl who died. What strikes you as odd is how quickly she finished, not having much to say. Most of the stories spoke about how short her life was and the potential she had to do great things. You realize the girl must have died pretty young and start to feel truly sad for her families loss. The funeral comes to an end and finally you go up to pay your respects. As you walk to the coffin, you feel an overwhelming sense of sadness come over you. Funerals always make you feel this way. As you look into the coffin your body freezes in disbelief. The person lying in the coffin is you! You begin to feel sick and confused. “How could they do this if I’m still alive?”, you ask as thoughts begin racing through your mind. You reach out to touch the body and watch your hand pass through her skin like air. You cry out, “I am not dead!…’m right here this is a mistake!…What is going on?…Mom! Tell them to stop this is not funny!”. No one around you can hear you. Your mother looks up only to lower her face and cry. Your mind begins to spin as you try to keep your balance and make sense of the situation. When did you die? How? Why? How did you not know? You then start thinking back to the things people were saying about you and how much they forgot to include. No mention of any great accomplishments or super successful marriage. There were no kids there and the look of pain on your mother’s face was one you would never forget. Realizing that the death you were mourning for was your own begins to consume you. Weakened, you fall to your knees and begin to pray this prayer:

“Dear Lord, I am so so sorry for the sins and mistakes I have made in my life. If you give me just 30 more days to live, I swear to make the best of it. I won’t waste another minute putting things off or focusing on stupid boys that didn’t call me. I will do anything and everything I ever wanted to do and make you proud of me. Just please give me more time”

After you pray you hear a loud ringing noise and then absolute silence. As you open your eyes, you realize you are at home and in your bed. You spring out of bed and grab your phone to see what day it is. You start  crying tears of joy  relieved, it was just a dream. God answered your prayers and you are given thirty more days to live life as you promised. What are you going to do with them?

You see in the Grand scheme of things that douchtard not calling you is not the biggest deal. It won’t change the world and won’t even be mentioned during your funeral which is sure to come. Let today be the last day you cry, feel depressed or sit by that phone. MOVE ON. You are so much better than that. Life is waiting for you to Press PLAY. Here is the remote…the rest is up to you.

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Written By: Natosh Monroe

Look of the Day: Gold x Drama


Details on the Look:

¤Where to wear it:
¤ For bellini’s with your bestie on a sunny day in the city
¤ Concert to see your fav band

¤ Where to buy it:
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Jeans: Nasty Gal
Purse: Chanel
Top: Nasty Gal
Lips: Rebel with Night Moth Liner MAC
Necklace: Nasty Gal

Tips: There are always inexpensive alternatives to the shoes and purse which you can find online. A great place to find designer close calls
¤Steve Madden
¤Aldo Shoes

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