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The Pros & Cons of Online Dating



Remember back in the day when the only way to meet a guy was to leave your house? You actually had to interact with a guy face to face and take your time getting to know him. Well, those creep free days are over. Today we have the wonderful joys of social media, which has changed the way we interact and date men forever. Like a guy and want to get to know him? Google, Facebook and Instagram will give you his 411 free of charge, no stakeouts or Private Investigator needed. Maybe you are a more traditional kind of gal and prefer the classic way to meet men. There is certainly nothing wrong with that and it is encouraged. However, we would be wrong to suggest it is the best or only way. According to E Harmony dating site 1 in 5 relationships begin online. Considering that most of us spend hours a day checking our Facebook and Instagram profiles there is no wonder this happens. You are going to meet men where you spend most of your time. So here is a list of the Pros and Cons of meeting guys online. Would you date a guy you met online? Post your thoughts below in a comment.



  • VARIETY: There are hundreds of dating sites targeted at specific needs of both women and men. From Chubby Chasers to Exclusive Dating Sites for Beautiful People only, you are sure to find one that meets your dating needs easily. There are tons of great men who have online profiles. If you are not into dating sites, Social media is less forward and effective. It’s great for the woman who leads a busy life and may not have loads of time to be out on the scene.
  • THE PRE-CREEP: Now don’t even pretend that I am the only woman who enjoys the Pre-Creep experience. We all like to look through the photo albums and personal profile to get to know the guy we are interested in. It helps us to build attraction and search for common interests. You may look and see that he parties really hard and says the most immature things all the time. You may not have known this by seeing him in a Tim Horton’s morning line up. The creep saves you time and builds interest.
  • MUTUAL FRIENDS: Facebook let’s you see who knows the guy you like and how. It definitely gives you the ability to hit up the mutual buddy and get the low down. Back in the day this was not an option and made online dating much more risky. If he is friends with people you know and respect chances are he is a good person.
  • MRS. WORLDWIDE BABY: If you like your men international and muscular then you have that option without the use of a passport. Social media brings us altogether from every corner of the world. You don’t need to travel agent to see what men in a certain area look like. You can meet whoever you want with one click of the mouse. As you can imagine this presents some challenges concerning distance, which brings us to the cons.


  • LONG DISTANCE: Due to the fact that geographical barriers are non existent online, you may meet an amazing man that lives 4,000 miles away from you. Not only is that hard to maintain but super expensive. I am a believer in true love and know if two people want it bad enough it will work. Still, distance can sometimes cause strain on a relationship overtime.
  • THE CATFISH EPIDEMIC: MTV‘s new hit show “Catfish” is based on a real documentary about a guy who developed an online relationship with this hot artsy girl. They spoke on the phone and interacted for quite sometime in a loving manner. Turns out this hot girl was an old woman and lying the entire time. The poor guy in the documentary received such an overwhelming response of people in his same situation, he made a show about it. The show helps love struck beings to find out if their online loves are real people. When dating online you could run into people who post fake pictures on real profiles. They live the life of these people online, making others assume that’s the real them. It sounds as crazy as it really is. Social awareness of these Catfish profiles is on the rise and it should always be kept in mind. The solution is to Skype before falling for their pictures.
  • FALSE ADVERTISING: As we have learned from the news is you can’t believe everything you read or see. Some men are wealthy online and very poor in real life. It is easy to copy and paste a baller lifestyle. Stealing vacation pictures and posting luxury goods is not that hard to do for the average Joe. Not that material things should be the focus, its the lying that is the problem. If you decide to give a seemingly successful man a chance just know it could be a front. So always be clear on what your true intentions are before you are left holding the bill-LITERALLY!

Have you ever met a great or not so great guy online? If so we would love to hear your story. Leave a comment below.

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Written By: Natosh Monroe