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8 Reasons you really don’t need a Baller


You will become very rich. If you for one moment read that sentence and felt an ounce of doubt-this article was created for you. I am writing this article for the young and mature women out there who have given up on financial independence.  The ones who convince themselves they don’t have greater earning potential because of some “invisible glass ceiling” bullshit they read about in Sociology or on Or the women who collectively plot to attract wealthy men as an enjoyable pass time. There is nothing wrong with wanting a man that can match your contribution but expecting him to raise and keep you is risky business. Sure men do earn more than women in the workplace but there are literally thousands of ways to make active and passive income so why let one source stop you?
I believe the best and most cherished money comes from your own pockets. When you work your butt off to create a life you can be proud of, living to find a baller at All Star Weekends becomes laughable. You may think you are so gorgeous and sweet you can fool rich men into tricking on you but do not be so naive THEY KNOW what you are doing. You set your price tag and they don’t mind paying it...FOR NOW. You will be far too busy handling your own business which should always be the focus. For those of you who are already making a great living enjoy this article as a refresher on why you go so hard. I’m proud of you girl! So let’s get into the: 8 Reasons you dont need to find a Rich Man.

1. You can become an even richer woman on your own.


My mother taught me and showed me through her actions it was possible to earn a substantial amount of money without having to fully rely on rich men. The truth is that if your only source of income is your boyfriend or sugar daddy you can’t guarantee future financial stability. It may work for a few months or years but what happens when he finds a beautiful,  intelligent woman who looks just as good and costs less to date? If he is an astute business man he will realize the opportunity cost just doesnt make sense to stay with you. It makes practical and common sense to put that energy into a business of your own, as Lady Gaga said it wont wake up one day and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.

2. It’s embarassing to be asked if you can be written off as a dependent on his taxes.


Technically if the man you are dating is taking care of you like a child, in my opinion you qualify as a dependent and should be written off on his taxes. Now whether the IRS agrees with me is another discussion I won’t get into. Point is to a relationship should be about more than money. It’s okay for your man to help you if you really need him to but there needs to be balance to avoid making him feel like an ATM.

3. Grown woman don’t have allowances.


Allowances stop with your parents. I know all the professional gold diggers are fuming on their Versace bedsheets as they read this but its the truth. You may have a closet full of amazing designer clothing but what do you have in your bank account?  There are plenty of decent wealthy men and then there are others that look at women who will accept allowances as their little toys. They demand sex and pleasure when they ask for it and you in a position like this must always comply. There are more enjoyable and satisfying ways to make money than that-trust me.

4. The lines between escorting and being a girlfriend become blurred.


Some people turn up their noses at escorts while doing the exact same thing in their relationships. If you are only sleeping and spending time with a man to get money-you ARE an escort. Sure you dont have an agency but that doesn’t mean you are not freelance. This applies to men who live off women for money to buy clothing and to have a roof over there heads. If being an escort is something you choose to be that is your choice. If it is something you don’t want to do for a living

have your own cash and conserve your ass.

5. You increase your attraction power by becoming who you feel you should be with when you ARE on the same level as the men you desire.


Successful men adore successful women. Just look at the men who fall into this category and who they marry. If you think and have the same approach to wealth as the rich do, you WILL eventually become just like them. If all you have to offer is your body and the latest gossip on Lindsay Lohan realize you will be easily discarded by a man seeking substance. You will also be in the same environment as successful men when you are successful as well, upgrading your dating pool options.

6. Being able to travel, shop and eat at the places you only dreamed on your own dime knowing there is more where that came from is a truly beautiful and empowering feeling.


What you focus on expands. If you spend all your time trying to discover where the Miami Heats will be partying so you can show up you are not focused on useful activities. If you focus on how to increase your skills and ways to rise to the earning level of an NBA player you empower yourself. One focus is lazy the other life changing. You control what to focus on just be aware of what it is you are truly are focusing on. If it doesn’t help it is by default hurting you.

7. When you become successful you will inspire both men and women to become the same. You will be seen as a woman of substance which will open many doors for you in life.


Women moving and shaking with people on the go are admired by us all. We want to know them and become their friends. The reasons we (myself included) are attracted to successful men is because we aspire to be the same. We want the finer things in life and to know they have attained it makes it seem more possible for us. The healthy way to go about attracting this person to you is to use him only as an inspiration not a source of income. This will definitely attract good opportunities into your life and open doors you didn’t even know existed.

8. Getting with a man just for his wealth is a dishonest and selfish mentality to have. Ambitious women weigh a man’s potential based on several factors to not waste valuable time. 


When you are in a relationship that you are financially dependent on you open yourself to potential harm. If you are dating a controlling man he may yse it to punish and control everything you do. I feel its fine to want a man who can match your success, intellect, and drive-Actually I think that’s the best way to weigh a man’s potential. Dating a rich jerk is not enjoyable and neither is being with someone who you can’t connect with on a genuine emotional level.

At the end of the day women don’t want broke men and men don’t want broke women. When you become more like the caliber of men your heart truly desires you become their right hand-their equal. You won’t have to pretend to be anyone but yourself to make him fall for you. You won’t care how much money he makes as the sole reason you will give him a chance, instead you will focus on his character and lifestyle. This will reveal his real earning potential and whether he is worth the investment. Give him many things to brag to his friends about when it comes to your level of success and personality. God gave you two hands: One to help yourself and the other to help those in need. Say no no no to Gold Digging.

Written By: Natosh Monroe


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How to start your own Youtube Channel

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a YouTube Superstar? Do you spend your days browsing through the channels of YouTube celebrities like lifestyle Vlogger Andrea’s Choice or Comedian Latoya Forever wishing you could be as famous and successful as they are? The truth is like you they started out with a dream. Every single YouTube star you see put in the work, time and sweat equity most people would never to get where they are. Nothing amazing comes from merely dreaming alone from your couch at home. If you know you have what it take to take this world by storm and don’t feel like waiting for an agent to make you famous-DO IT YOURSELF! The greatest thing about YouTube is that it is free to join and how far it can take you is completely in your control. One of my favorite YouTube personalities as of late is Ice JJ Fish. If you follow me on Instagram you know my love for him is so real. He is not your traditional singer whatsoever. He is far from classically trained and to some incredibly annoying. He creates cover and original videos singing your favorite Top 40 hits and classics off key with not a care in the world. He keeps a completely straight face the entire time and without missing a beat he will be quick to tell his haters “I’m coming up like Oooo-Weee!” via Instagram. The truth despite his amount of haters he has accumulated- he is coming up rising to YouTube fame and so can you. I bet you didn’t know he currently makes in the area of $800,000 from his videos on YouTube? Not such a “stupid guy” after all right? In today’s article we are going to discuss the crucial steps any talented individual should take before setting up a YouTube channel.

Step 1: Decide on what talent you will showcase.

What will your channel be about? If you are interested in becoming a beauty guru or musician make the decision from day one. Of course I have seen people make more than one channel to showcase multiple talents. You can do the same but decide from the gate what it is you want to do. Choose something that you are good at. It could be cooking, making candles, doing hair, giving advice, dancing etc. The sky is the limit. Whatever it is you do the more entertaining you make the video the better. I will also add, PICK A NAME THAT IS NOT EMBARRASSING. Many of us have created channels way before we began posting under SexyLexy69 and were stuck with the shame for years to come. My channel for my music is NatNatosh if I knew what I know now I would have made it Natosh Monroe but at the time I wasn’t thinking of ever posting videos, I was just creating a profile to creep and enjoy videos. Now that you know the ropes go, choose a great name and be great.

Step 2: Get the right equipment to make high quality videos.

If you aim to be the best and bring in some of the six figure incomes the top YouTube stars earn annually (Yes, you read that right there are makeup artists earning up to $1,000,000 on YouTube) you should invest in good recording equipment. I know in the beginning being able to afford a top notch camera may be out the budget, but making it a future goal to step your Cannon up will always be in your best interest. To make it easy to see what you will need here are the basics:

  • Good quality HD camera (Cannons are the best in my opinion)
  • Professional lighting to enhance the quality of the video for makeup gurus and singers
  • A backdrop (can be fabric pinned to a wall, with lights or just a nice part of your home)
  • A good quality mic for singers so the sound is not distorted when you sing
  • Editing Software (Not equipment but it is super necessary for clean and well put together videos)

Step 3: Buy or Borrow a MAC Computer  and learn how to edit videos.

I love a basic desktop computer just as much as any 70s or 80s baby could every for nostalgic reasons, but a Mac PC s the Beyonce to YouTube’s Jay Z.  The video editing software on these computers is phenomenal and will add a beautiful flair to your videos quite easily. If you are a college student chances are your school’s computer lab has a few of these baby’s laying around for student and faculty use. I would suggest you be a smarty pants and just edit on campus. If you don’t go to school and have a friend or family member that does, ask them for their log in and do this until you can afford a Mac. Don’t let your wallet hold you back-you have got work to do and fame to achieve!

Step 4: Create a list of ideas for new videos for the first 90 days.

I feel if you can commit to putting out quality material for three months straight you will feel committed enough to not only see a following happening but you will form the habit every budding YouTuber needs to become a success. When I first started my channel I created a list of songs I wanted to cover so I would never run out of ideas. When you prepare a list of video ideas you want to do it gives you direction. You will always be pumped and ready to put out fresh new videos for your subscribers and this will help you to build your channel.

Step 5: Be the First and Look for Inspiration daily.

If  Rhianna drops a new ballad with a video to promote it as a YouTube personality it is a great idea to quickly jump on the makeup look tutorial or to sing the cover song while she is still promoting it in the media. Why this is good for you is that people will be searching for the lyrics and video and if you are the first to do a cover you will pop up in the search. You will get plenty of views while the interest in her release is at its highest. In addition to be the first to embrace a trend you should look to inspire yourself daily. Being a professional YouTube personality requires motivation and ambition. Reading books on the topic of success and constantly reviewing your goals are necessary to stay charged up about your goals.

Step 6: Support Other YouTubers and Share your work everywhere.

No one is going to know you exist on YouTube if you don’t tell then you are there. People are always looking for a new hot video to look at. If it is good why wouldn’t people want to see it? If you feel you have talent make sure you post your video and talk about your channel every chance you get. When you meet new people you need to tell them about it. Everyone has a smart phone and it takes seconds for them to whip it out and go to your video. This is a view for your video. Encourage them to comment and share to their social media profiles if they liked it. Hold contests and giveaways for SHARES and post your video to sites that allow video sharing. Another thing you can do is collaborate with other YouTube stars to cross promote your channel to their audience. Try to collaborating with channels who have a similar purpose to yours. This will help you to reach an even larger audience. Its a mutually beneficial setup and can do wonders for your following.

Step 7: Get Press! Use a PR! Brand YOU.

Think about this: You can literally pull in millions one day from your channel. There are YouTube celebrities making $50,000-$80,000 a year from their channels right now with 300,000+ subscribers. That is a very high number of subscribers and is not too impossible to get to. All you have to do is think about is becoming visible on larger platforms. Do you have an interesting story that led to your success? Did you have a rags to riches story that you feel the world needs to hear? With the right Public Relations agent you can get press pretty much anywhere once you build up a nice following. Think of yourself as a brand from day one. Don’t wait until you are super popular to start acting like a star do it from day one. Be careful of the things you say about other celebrities because one day you may be in their company. Be mindful of the content you post because this may paint an unfavorable picture of you to your fans. This is a business it will make you money and therefore should be treated like one. You may be having loads of fun cracking jokes online but once money is the result you have to act like a professional to be treated like one.

Step 8: Be Consistent and Persistent

If there are only two things I want to be until the day I die it’s CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT. That is all a person needs to be to really make it. YouTube viewers want to see you on their radars constantly. This means a video at least twice a week until you are large enough to do two or one a week. The more videos you have the higher the chances you will be seen by someone. Persistent is the only way to compete with all the other channels that end up abandoned overtime. Life happens but your dreams should take over your life and keep you in the game. Never stop making better videos. Listen to the ideas from your fans and suggestions they give you. If they say your cat running in every take is annoying keep the cat out the video. If they ask you to stop eating chips on the camera then put the LAYS down. This is for them they are your customers you have to give them what they want. You are human and I get that but if you have people who care enough to watch and comment don’t take that for granted. This is an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight you need to really get to the YouTube Partner level.

Step 9: Accept that haters come with the territory.

I am not going to play around with you and tell you straight up you are going to be told you are ugly, stupid, whack and that you should have never made it past the first trimester of your mother’s pregnancy. Now that you have heard it from me don’t let it bother you. EVERY YouTube star has trolls and haters. It comes in the welcome package and you will just have to be great anyways. The rule is “If you have more lovers than haters you are winning”. If you have all dislikes and no likes at all you may truly want to try to showcase a new talent. I mean if Ice JJ Fish can prosper and not stop then you better know you can too. I love that guy because he does not let haters hold him back. You just have to decide you won’t stop until you get to the top and just keep going.

Step 10: Think Long Term and set goals.

Where do you want to be in a  1, 2, 3 or 5 years? Do you want to break off into the music industry or stay independent? Are you going to do a tour? Will you do celebrity makeup? Are you looking to become a actor and star in sitcoms/movies? You want to know exactly how much you want to make (actual dollar amount) and where you are busting your butt so hard to be. Don’t be vague and set a deadline. This is not a dream you are awake! Act like this will happen and watch it.

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Written By: Natosh Monroe

Where You Are, Where You Want to Be – How to Get There!



Life is pretty easy to figure out; we just complicate it by reading too much into it. We are wired to figure things out which work for us and we try a new approach if it isn’t working.

A large part of getting to where you want to be is envisioning yourself already there. If you are a classical singer, you might picture yourself on stage of an opera. Whatever your vision is, you can get there. Making a vision board will help you obtain and retain new ideas of the future you imagined. But that is only one small part of making it to where you want to be.

One word will get you there, one simple word, determination. You can’t buy it, you can’t borrow it from someone. It has to burn within you. You will be tested, the universe wants to find out just how bad you want to succeed, so it may throw some difficult times at you to make sure that you still an active participant in your dream.

A half a dream is just that, a half a dream. It can’t hold any water no matter how much you lie and tell yourself you’re working hard for it. You get out of your determination exactly what you put into it. No lies or half-truths!

When your determination stops shinning, you will know right away. You will become lazy, and halfhearted about where you want to be. Your determination will sizzle out, and your attention span will not be as keen. What probably happened is that you started to doubt your abilities or you haven’t seen the big pay off as of yet.

Relax, take a deep breath and get back on track. It’s that easy. It is time to get back to the drawing board and map out your game plan. Get back into the game of knowing where you want to be. Focus your attention on getting there. Here are some things that might help you:

Where do you want to be? Define this as much as possible, this works in relationships as well as a business.

What steps do I have to take to get there? Be realistic! This means the time you devote to getting there. For an example, if it is a relationship, you might have to work on changing things a little bit, work on yourself, this takes time. In business, what needs to be improved? Adjust, or change what needs to be changed, make it perfect, this is your life.

Your plan on getting there means not only determination it means responsibility. It means putting in your time to build where you want to go. This means that you will have to be responsible with your time. There might be a party that you want to attend, but you have a special project that you want to finish. It means sacrifices. It means defining want and need.

Stay determined, keep the fires burning in your soul. Let your enthusiasm flow from your lips and let others feel the excitement in your voice. You can do anything in this life that you wish, all you have to do is get serious about where you want to be and let your determination take you there.

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Important things to Consider when Investing



Investing is a big word. For a great investor that knows what to do, investing could be the simplest thing in the earth to do.

One must keep in mind when they first started, to a rookie investor, the entire idea is actually too confusing. First of all you need to have the cash to invest. Then you definitely should seek for advice from a stockbroker, if possible a discount agent (usually a web-based broker charging lower fees) which will make suggestions through your first trades and explain to you the basic features in order to become an accurate investor. You can be setting up an account, like a cash account and you must decide how much cash you are willing to risk, both at earning or at losing.

A long time back, someone would contact their broker and in addition they could put their stock purchase by phone. Now, with the Web and individuals doing on-line investing, the concept of investing moves so quickly that really scares, although there is people who prefer their trades to go through the stockbroker for their protection as well as their defense against unlawful trades. Even though you are able to invest online without the need of discussing the firms first with a stockbroker, it is actually far better to learn and understand exactly what and where you are placing your money.

A genuine investor would never throw caution towards the winds and put money into any stock simply to see what occurs. Of course, it will always be better to research opportunities through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which provides unbiased details about companies you might want to invest in. You may also research a company’s fiscal reports. You’ve heard the phrase “do not put all your eggs in a single basket.” When it comes to Investing, this statement means to apply diversification to ensure that all of your investment is just not in a single purchase.

So now you are ready to select the online brokerage that will meet your requirements. Many of them are TDAmeritrade, Scottrade, Forex, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers as well as others. After you have made your final decision, you’ll be provided a trading software that is just like a hub, from where you can make your buys or even the selling of securities, mutual funds, forex, or options. You will have tools and also research tools where you could track and monitor portfolios in real time-streaming quotes. This is where the actual Investing for beginners starts.

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10 Epic things every girl should do in her 20s


Leaving your teens has to be one of the most bittersweet experiences of a young woman’s life. Its that final 19th birthday you stand over your birthday cake and blow out the candles to your teen years as you know it. Your parents soon give you that, “You need to get a job and grow up” speech that leaves you looking at them in disbelief like, “Who are you guys? And what did you do with my generous parents?” It happens to all of us and getting older is not as bad as it seems. Becoming older is not the only significant thing that occurs after your 19th birthday-freedom and fun also take place. I believe it’s during your years as a 20 something you experience some of the most amazing and life enriching experiences of your life. In a few years I will be entering my dirty 30’s, honestly I’m a little nervous but looking back on how I handled my 20’s I know I will be just fine. For those of you who have many more years left to be a “20 Something” here is a list of some things you can do to make those remaining years epic.

1. Create a Bucket List and do the things listed.

2. Fall completely and freely in love with someone who makes you feel alive.

3. Plan an all girls trip to one of these amazing destinations: Las Vegas, Miami, Mexico, Jamaica or New York.

4. Attend the Coachella music festival and enjoy the music, vibe and scene with a friend who will appreciate the experience.

5. Honestly commit to investing money into a RRSP ( Registered Retirement Savings Plan) for your first home and retirement. Learn more about building good credit and do it.

6. Tell your parents and loved ones you love them. They won’t always be here best to appreciate them while you can.

7. Decide exactly who you will become and commit and persist until you are even better than the person you aimed to be.

8. Revamp your entire look to reflect your age and personality as a young lady. Toss out the trampy teenage gear and purchase the stunning mature yet fashionable clothing you like best.

9. Raise money or fight for a social cause you really believe in. Be the voice for the oppressed and mistreated.

10. Start your own business. Be your own boss and build your empire from the ground up. The sooner you start the better.


11. Be selfish. Yes put yourself first and take care of you. You will be of little to no use submitting to others half full.

12. Workout and get the body you always knew you deserved. Put your health first and live to see many more years.

13. Learn a new language. Not only will it increase your salary but it will open the door to new cultures allowing you to communicate much more effectively.

14. Travel anywhere you want for work. When you are independent and childless you have nothing to hold you back. Sky is the limit. Use your single years to explore, learn and live life on your own terms.

15. Don’t limit yourself to my suggestions or anyone else’s. This is your life and these are merely suggestions. What other people think of you means less as you age. You are capable, beautiful, strong and are going to make one phenomenal adult. These are your special years make them shine bright.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt



We are conditioned to think of debt as 100% negative. And, it makes sense: all debt, no matter what kind, is a negative figure in your assets, reducing your family’s net worth. But, the full picture is not that simple. Some sorts of debt, over time, can increase your stability, your assets and your ability to make money. A few common types of debt and their effect on your financial well-being.

Without a home loan, it is nearly impossible to buy a house. Mortgages are relatively low-interest loans that allow you to build equity over time. As your equity grows, your financial stability does, too. With regular payments and a generally appreciating housing market, a home can allow you to build a secure place to retire or a nest egg to use toward your retirement destination.

Of course, not every mortgage situation is built alike. If you purchased a home during a time of high real estate prices or got a loan with a variable interest rate, you could wind up with a property that is worth far less than you owe. Always research long term trends and research your mortgage agreements carefully before you commit.

Student Loans
It used to always be assumed that student loans were good debt because they led to a higher paying career. But, increasing education costs and changing job markets mean that student debt needs to be entered into carefully.

Research growing fields to ensure that your degree will lead to the best possible job prospects. In general, college graduates earn more than those who lack degrees. But, majors and the areas where you eventually choose to live will determine how valuable a student loan is as an investment in your future.

Credit Card Debt
Debt for vacations, clothing, jewelry and technical toys is almost always a negative debt. These items are almost never assets that will grow in value. Any time you want to buy something on credit, ask whether you have the money to pay the debt off in full when your credit card statement comes. If the answer is no, carefully consider whether future you would be happy living with less money because you of the present wanted to splurge.

Car Loans
Car loans are another type of debt that, in general, do not help you build your net worth over time. However, there are a few other factors to consider that can make them worth your while. If you live far from your job and need an especially reliable car, a car loan can be worthwhile. It might allow you to buy a newer model, which enhances your job security. Also, if you are in the process of rebuilding your credit, an installment loan can help increase your score. Just ensure that you pick a loan with affordable payments that has no penalties for prepaying and will give you the opportunity to make adjustments as your credit improves and you grow your financial worth.

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7 Things Every Daughter needs from her Mother


As a mother and daughter of a woman who would literally take the shirt off her back to ensure I never wanted for nothing-I have learned what it truly takes to raise a daughter. No matter how many books you read nothing truly prepares you for motherhood but hands on experience. Whether you had your first child in a common law union, alone or after marriage-you are now the woman your little girl will look up to and rely on for guidance and protection.
That little girl will watch everything you say and do basing her ability to do the same off of the way you conduct yourself. When you succeed she will know without a doubt that it is possible because mommy did it first. When you handle problems maturely and maintain your composure she will remember the blueprint when she one day is in the same predicament. You see a mother plays a very important and instrumental role in her daughter’s life. You teach her how to become a woman and the messages you plant in her from childhood will last a lifetime. I’ve created a list of 7 Things a daughter needs from her Mother. Whether you are a veteran with many wonderful children or a new mommy still trying to nail this “I speak you stop eating those crayons” thing these love tips are sure to help.

1. To be told she is the most beautiful girl in your world.

As women we know all too well how much insecurities can cause us stress. The media doesn’t help much to make us feel fat and ugly imposing impossible to maintain standards of constant awesome selfie moments. Your daughter needs to be told constantly that you think she is just fine the way she is. To hear that her dark or fair skin is beautiful and that her hair is good enough. If you get to your daughter before the world does she will be harder to break. Strengthen her self-esteem so she sees herself as you do-simply beautiful.

2. To see you practice what you preach.

The most useless words a mother can say to a child is “Because I said so that’s why!” Actions will always speak louder than words. If you were raised by parents who never respected you enough to explain themselves you may be passing down that ignorance to your child. When a child asks you why that is your moment to educate and nurture your child to know how they should act. If you want your daughter to respect her body-respect yours. Want her to clean up after herself? Then clean up your mess first and lead by example. I remember a time my daughter was 3 and spilled her apple juice on the floor. She ran into the kitchen grabbed the mop and tried to lug it into the living room to clean her mess. This was what she seen me do when spills happened and she became conditioned to up until now do the same.

3. To be raised in a stable and safe home environment.

Its a sad reality that 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused at some point in her life. Whether it be at the hands of a stranger, boyfriend or family member it is just wrong and needs to stop. Every mother should have that talk about no one touching with her daughter down there. Let her know it is her secret spot that no one should see or touch. It is a mother’s responsibility to double and triple check the background of anyone she brings into the life of her daughter. The home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable haven for every child. This has less to do with wealth and everything to do with ensuring you make sure your daughter feels safe from harm when she is there. A stable home is one that is filled with love, patience,  discipline, basic necessities and order.

4. To enjoy your traditions, good cooking and personality for a lifetime.

One of my most treasured memories is of the Christmas spread my grandmother and mother would make during the holidays. I loved how funny they both could be and how easy they made it look to keep the family together. As career focused as I am, deep down I’m excited to know one day I will be the awesome grandma who will be responsible for great recipes and traditions. As mothers it’s our role to leave our daughter’s with warm and beautiful memories of childhood. Enjoying a good laugh and tickle fest is sometimes all our children need from us. Life is already complicated enough and for the things we can’t shelter our girls from we must create enough good things about life for them to wake up and Thank God for.

5. To be taught the importance of respect for her elders and the power of education.

My grandmother drove the respect your elders message home to me hard from birth. She taught me that a poor man with respect for others will get much further than a rude one with riches. I decided to go to school to earn my MBA so that my daughter would see the importance in a good education as well. How far she decides to educate herself is her choice but I have taken the necessary steps to fund it starting from her toddler years. There are enough mean and senseless people in the world I think it’s polite to not add anymore to the population. Respect and education are the special ingredients our children need to grow into adults who don’t make turns without indicating them in traffic.
If your daughter is a little rebellious in her infant years don’t worry too much.
Children are sometimes wild at home because they feel safe and comfortable enough to be themselves. Catching your princess covered in your MAC lipstick on everything but her lips isn’t exactly the most fun but it says, “I’m a kid and mom you looked fierce in that Ruby Woo Im just trying to get on your level. Do I look flawless or nah?” *pouts* What matters is how she is outside the home and in situations that test all you have taught her. I bet you hear stories of how great she is at school right? Take that as compliment that you’re freaking awesome at motherhood! *high five*

6. To be taught basic etiquette,  personal grooming, about independence and how to behave like a lady.

I’m one of those ultra feminine types that gets a seizure everytime something goes on sale at my favorite retail oulet. So of course I feel its important every little girl be taught about age appropriate fashion, hair care and proper etiquette. I am all about please, thank you, yes ma’am, no sir etc. Proper table manners and life etiquette transforms a messy lovable child into a charming lady with poise over time. My biggest fear is witnessing my daughter behaving like a ratchet in a five star restaurant in adulthood. It is a mother’s duty to teach her Princess how to become a lady by first being one herself.

7. To know you will always love and believe in her ability to do the right thing.

At the end of the day no matter what you say or do, your child decides what to filter not you. Sometimes your daughter will test you and do things just to see your reaction or how much you care. The most reassuring thing a mother can do is through her actions show her undying love for her daughter no matter what. Allowing her to make choices with a gentle, ” Honey, I know you are an incredibly strong and smart girl. I believe and trust in you to do the right thing”. Spending all your years teaching her at some point needs testing. Let her take her exam without a worry in the world that she will pass with flying colors. There will be times you will need to Madea your way into her mess and rescue her no questions asked. You are her pillar of strength and she will secretly hope you save her from herself when she takes the wrong path. This alone with create more strong capable women the world needs.

Make Your Own Vision Board in 5 Simple Steps



Vision boards are an excellent way of communicating your desires to the universe. A lot of groups often include vision boards as part of their activities. When you make your own vision board, you’ll find yourself learning a lot about yourself as well.

There are times when you don’t exactly know why you are drawn to the picture of a house and then two months later, you realize that you’re living in it! Indeed, vision boards can be quite powerful. If you want to know how to make your own vision board, read on!

Step 1: Focus on what you want.

First of all, you have to be clear about what you’re creating your vision board for. Do you want something specific like a new house or a new car? Or do you want to improve your career in general?

By focusing on your intent, you will be able to send out a better message to yourself and the universe as well.

Step 2: Get your materials ready to make your own vision board.

You will need to have a poster board and many magazines. You can choose your magazines depending on what you want to focus on. You’ll also need glue to paste your pictures on the board.

Step 3: Cut out the pictures that call at you.

To make your own vision board, start cutting out pictures from the magazines. You don’t have to justify everything on the spot. You can also cut out words that seem to jump at you from the page.

These pictures (or words) are meant to represent your desires, so there really is no wrong or right choice.

Step 4: Gather them all together for your vision board.

After cutting out the pictures, gather them all together. This is the time when you start editing. You’ll need to ask yourself which pictures fit your intention and which ones don’t.

Step 5: Make your own vision board.

Now that you have sorted through your pictures, glue them to your board. There is no one way of arranging them. It all depends on what you think is right.

For example, you could arrange them all according to category or create a story out of them. Personally, I don’t have a set pattern. I paste them one at a time, just following my intuition.

You don’t have to be a visionary to make your own vision board. That happens after the project is done. Anyone, even kids themselves, will have a lot of fun doing this activity. Vision boards help make you conscious of your desires; and in turn, make you even more determined to fulfill them.

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6 Brutally honest reasons you are always Broke



Money. We all need it to survive but for some reason no matter how hard some of us work for it, we just don’t seem to have enough left to enjoy the finer things. In school we are taught about many useless topics that we can’t put to use in everyday life. It’s very strange that they don’t try to teach us about proper money management as early as they do sex education and parenting class. I mean after all, if some of these 16 & Pregnant stars knew how much it cost to raise a child maybe they would think twice before laying down. As a child I was encouraged to save my money for a rainy day. My mother would always tell me to save my money without really explaining why or how it would benefit my life down the line. Like many 20 something’s my age instant gratification seemed more appealing than the idea of sacrifice. This way of thinking led me to many nights of lightly seasoned Top Ramen Noodles and instant regret that I spent my money with such reckless abandon. It was during my final “broke chick” spell that I had to face the facts I sucked at spending my money wisely. I looked at my investment portfolio and realized shoes and purses technically didn’t count as investments. Staring into an empty wallet and bank account with insufficient funds forced me to realize the real reasons I was always broke after bills. If you are in a financial predicament that you don’t enjoy, it is time that you take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. Our 20s are the years we must build a nest for our retirement down the road. It is during this decade that a young woman must build good credit, clear bad debts and contribute to a form of investment no matter how modest. Without further adieu let’s get into the 6 Brutally honest reasons you are always broke:

1. You spend more than you earn.

When you walk into a store buying a new pair of shoes is more important to you than paying your bills on time. You eat out often, lend money to those who never pay it back and it has led you to a place of poverty. If you continue to spend more than you earn relying on credit cards and spending to the last cent, you will never become financially stable. Learning to prioritize your needs vs your wants will help you to make better use of your money.

2. You don’t have any investments.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone in this world who is a self-made millionaire who doesn’t have any investments. The poor work for money and the wealthy make their money work for them. When you bust your chops doing what you love to do, you owe it to yourself to pay yourself first. You do this by investing set portion of your earnings to grow and multiple for you. If you don’t know much about investments everything you need to know is a Google search away. Book an appointment with your local bank and bring in a list of questions you may have related to investments. They will take the time to answer your questions so you know exactly where your money is going.

3.You have allowed someone to convince you how much your hour is worth.

One of the reasons I decided to go into business for myself was because I found it ridiculous that someone I didn’t know and would never meet had the balls to tell me how much my hour was worth. I have worked in jobs where I literally worked through my breaks, arrived early and left late just to earn more money. I was always left feeling miserable and unfulfilled. Friday was all I looked forward to and the thought that this would be my life forever depressed me. I know there are many jobs that run on an hourly rate that people truly enjoy, for me that just was not the case. If you too feel you are being undercut each hour on the job, you may want to consider why you are not planning your exit. If you are self-motivated, willing to put in some long hours and really stick it out-entrepreneurship may be for you too. It is not easier by any means but the earning potential in the long run is far more lucrative than slaving away at a job that pays you peanuts for irreversible life hours.

4.You are depreciation focused.

There are assets which can be sold for money down the line and then there are those pesky liabilities that suck your money dry. When you are depreciation focused buying things that lose value over time are more your cup of tea. Things of this nature include but are not limited to: Expensive cars, personal vacations, inexpensive clothing and expensive hair/ beauty products. When your goal is to one day not have to focus on the price tag alone, you will have to begin focusing on purchasing things that don’t lose value quickly. Investments, Property, businesses and designer items you can sell on consignment if it came down to it are smarter purchases.


5.You are not around wealthy people enough.

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. I have friends from all walks of life. The ones who motivate me the most are the ambitious and wealthy ones. Whether they be rich in the spirit of God or with actual wealth-they inspire me. Being around broke people will make you broke too. Constantly eating out, shopping needlessly, never discussing investments or business opportunities will slaughter your drive and chances to be well off. Make just one highly successful friend or find a mentor and watch how they rub off on you. You will go to their home and feel motivated to upgrade your own. You will learn so much from them about business you will feel inspired to start your own. The benefits are endless but the most valuable one is becoming successful yourself so you can be an asset to that friend as well.

6.You are not thinking about the long term benefit.

If you are easily swayed and influenced by the women you see on vacations posted to Instagram or what you want and need temporarily you are setting yourself up for failure. If you had saved even a modest $100 a month for the last three years you would have $3600 + interest to enjoy. Or if you started five years ago (at 20 if you are now 25) you would have $6000 + compound interest. If you do not have $3600-$6000 in your account now or more you may be a temporary thinker. This isn’t to make you feel bad but to prove to you sacrifices made now will bring you happiness in the future. What money would you like to give the woman you will become in 5 years? Help her out and start saving now. If you don’t she will be broke.

Written By: Natosh Monroe


Credit Cards: The Devil or Nah?



Although credit cards can be an invaluable financial asset, unless you use them wisely you will find yourself drowning in debt. However, if you use your credit card wisely then you can save yourself money and be able to purchase the items that you could not afford in one lump sum on your current wages. Here are some tips about how to use your credit card wisely.

Building a credit history

One of the best ways to use your credit card wisely is to use your card to build up your credit history. People who borrow and pay back the money responsibly have a much better credit history than those who never borrow at all. If you spend money on your credit card and then pay it back quickly, you will be seen as a good borrower and you will get better deals on other financial products like loans and mortgages.

Paying off your balance

Another sensible way to use your credit card is to only charge to your card what you can afford to pay back each month. Although this is not always possible because of large purchases or unexpected expenditures, you should generally try to budget to pay all or most of your balance back each month. If you can pay back your balance in full each month then you won’t be subject to the high interest rates of your card. However, even if you can’t pay back the whole amount, make sure you pay back more than the minimum payment. Paying only the minimum will leave you wasting money on interest and your balance will a lot longer to pay off.

Keeping cards at home

If you are having trouble with your credit card spending, then a good way to avoid the temptation is to leave your credit cards at home unless you really will need them. If you are simply going out on a small shopping trip, leave your cards at home so that you won’t be tempted to buy anything extra. Only take your credit cards out when you really need them, or in case of emergency.

Balance transfers

If you find that your credit card interest payments are very high, then a good way to reduce this is to switch your balance to a card that has 0% interest on balance transfers for a certain period of time. This will mean that you can pay off the balance without having to worry about interest for the next few months.

Shopping online

Shopping online has become increasingly popular, mainly because of the convenience it offers and the low prices available. When shopping online it is important to always use a credit card to purchase items. This is because credit cards are much safer than other forms of payment, and offer purchase protection. This means that if something should go wrong with the sale, you have the ability to claim the money back from the credit card company. If you use your credit card wisely, then you will avoid getting heavily into debt and will have the freedom that using a credit card can afford you.

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