6 Ways to get Celebrities to want your product


From my research celebrities whether socialites or international they love quality free products. If you are an artiat painting them a large self portrait and tagging them on social media can get their attention. If you are a designer creating a collection to support a tour or current  promotional campaign will do it. Often just sending a personalized package to their PR or Management also can get your foot in the door. Never be intimidated or shy to send a professional email. Leave out that “Im your biggest fan” crap and just eloquently tell them youve admired and respected their talent/career for years etc. Celebrities like to do business with those who seem level headed and not overly starstruck-even if you are on the inside.

Giving a celebrity or Youtube Star a product for FREE is not wasteful. They tend to have cult like followings who will want whatever they suggest or wear without question. For your business this could literally translate to thousands in sales. Take the money and time to make your package glitter! No cheap little plastic bags around your product or cases. Purchase a nice gift box, wrap it with satin ribbon, add a few drops of scented beads under the tissue paper. You should always as a rule handwrite your card to make it personal. Get creative and strive to get them to say “Wow!” When they open your package. It truly makes a difference.

Let’s say you want to get the beautiful model Daphne Joy or Reality TV star Draya in your dresses. First you need to research what dresses they already own and prefer to wear. Are their any colors they look best in or caption they love most? This is important groundwork to increase your chances of a positive response. You then must create or purchase dresses for your company that meet this demand. The great thing about Twitter and Instagram is you can go right to the celebrity yourself. They do get literally thousands of alerts per hour so they may not always see your message. Longer captions tend to stand out in mentions. You may use hashtags (#) under your caption and name the dress after them and let them know it was made exclusively for them. If you sell other products you can still take the same approach and cater it your offering.

PR stands for Public Relations.  This is the team or individual for a celebrity that stands as a barrier between them and the public.  They guage how the public responds to a celebrity and create a whole carefully mappex out string of publicity to always generate positive feelings towards their client. Big time celebrities have a few or one main company representing them. Finding out who that is will be your homework. Once you do create a professional email or contact them by phone to discuss your offer. Always be respectful and straight to the point. It should be clear this will positively benefit their client. If it is not you need to come up with more compelling and persuasive reasons. Ultimately your high quality product should speak for itself.

Stars want to be apart of trendy popular movements. They benefit when they tap into a new brand that appeals to their target audience. If you areca Youtube beauty guru with half a million followers comprised of young women 16-24 who are loyal, you share the same audience as stars like Rhianna and Taylor Swift. What this means for you is the bigger you get the more credible you become. Celebrities may even start coming to you! While having a popular face works to propel your otherwise unknown brand into the big times, work hard to also become a popular face yourself.

Celebrities are constantly prepped on how to act, behave, where to party,  who to date and what jobs to take. The point is their handlers understand to protect their investment the brand MUST be maintained. If you are inconsistent or unprofessional chances are a strong brand won’t want to be associated with you at all. Your product could be revolutionary but no one will risk bad press to have it. When branding yourself don’t ever post mean celebrity memes or openly discuss how you don’t like a certain pop star. You never know who sees that and will not work with you anymore because of it. Be professional to be amongst the professional.

Written By: Natosh Monroe
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7 Ways to maintain a Long Distance Relationship




This is the only thing that will hold your relationship together. In a long distance relationship the phone and Skype take on a whole new meaning in your life. Good communication is consistent,  open and enjoyable. It is worth it to read more on effective communication and to be just as good of a listener to ensure you both feel heard and appreciated.



If your honey lives in NYC and you live in Miami flights usually go for roughly $180-$250. On a modest budget trying to scrape together flight money can be difficult.  Now if your darling handles $90-$125 your portion becomes much more easy to afford. You won’t be able to see each other in the flesh daily but trips become more frequent when you meet each other half way.



As mentioned earlier having a Skype account is extremely important for those living miles apart. It allows you to have instant video chats and the opportunity to see your partner pretty much whenever you want. It is free to download and very easy to use.



Some people have the misconception that if their boyfriend lives in another country he is definitely cheating or could be. Thinking this way is unhealthy and not factual. You won’t be able to clock your loves whereabouts, this is where trust takes over completely. Never assume you know things based on nothing but suspicion. Allow trust to work in your relationship and watch things go well for you both.



One of the challenging parts of having a boyfriend who doesn’t share your zipcode is feeling a constant longing for him. You will get frustrated and feel annoyed at times because of the distance. You can’t just drive over when you want a hug, you must wait  sometimes weeks between visits. This requires patience, dedication and loyalty. Being loving and understanding will solve more problems than it will create.



Credit Cards are amazing when it comes to wanting to surprise your love from miles away. I once had a boyfriend order dinner for me and paid for it using his credit card.  He noticed how hard I was working and wanted to “make me dinner” in a creative way. If you are a guy you can call a local florist and send a nice arrangement to your lady to brighten her day. If it is her birthday you can contact a local bakery and have a cake made as well. There are so many little thoughtful things you can do without being close. It’s all about being creative and putting in a little effort on both parts. Surprise visits are quite romantic as well.

Sex is a topic we can’t ignore if you are an active adult you will have needs. Sexting is like phone sex via texting. The rules and limits are up to you. It is sexy and sensual to experience with your partner. Spices things up and builds anticipation between the both of you until the next visit. If you have never tried it I suggest you consider it. Its not as hard as you may think it is. It can be quite enjoyable if you are creative.

Written By: Natosh Monroe
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7 Ways to spice up a boring relationship


If you are in a long term relationship you are most likely extra comfortable with your relationship-which is good!
What keeps things fresh and new is getting out of the house. Try dedicating at least one day a week to date night. This will allow you to always have special time together no matter how busy schedules may become.

Relax. Breathe. Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you don’t feel attacked or judged you feel the opposite: safe and accepted. If you have been complaining a lot or nagging over issues, try chilling out. Before you knock that suggesting answer me this “Has the nagging permanently solved anything?” If not, try switching up your approach.

This is a great way to change the tone of the relationship if you have been complaining a lot. Chances are he thinks he is failing at making you happy and he is probably feeling “unpretty” as a result. Compliment him. I find men drift to Instagram and other women for the ego boast via compliments. It makes sense compliments make you feel great about yourself. Be genuine and tell him how handsome he looks. Compliment his ability to get things done or his cooking. Like us men want to feel appreciated and attractive. Compliments will be your way of accomplishing both with ease.

Never schedule sex thats really not sexy. Be spontaneous when it comes to more experiences. Plan random dates, switch up your look, cook something exotic or show interest in something he loves for once. Relationships grow and feel new when new experiences take place. Be open to doing things at a moments notice and enjoy being spontaneous together every now and then. It will bring the fun back to a stagnant relationship.

Men love mysteries and solving shit.
They love shows like CSI and The First 48 for that reason. Sure you both know each other well by now but if you start engaging in more activities outside of the relationship you break routine and become mysterious. Don’t bore him with a play by play everytime you go to hot yoga. Instead tell him every now and then and sometimes wait for him to ask. Reveal less and allow him to wonder. Mystery is interesting being an open book is not.

I hear these horror stories about how long term couples stop having sex after awhile. Like once a month and other times only on statutory holidays excluding Jesus’s birthday out of Christian guilt. Men and women need to physically bond and that means Cake! Cake! Cake! Don’t hold out out and bring the passion back to your relationship.

Doing new things has really been the theme in this article and for good reason. In order to be out with the old, you have to be in with the NEW. Try baking together or playing Wheel of Fortune on Wii. Anything that allows you both to goof around and have a good time. The important thing is that you two are spending quality time together. This will give you more great memories biluilding a deeper bond with each other.

Written By: Natosh Monroe
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Keysha Freshh – Vanity

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Vanity is a 8 track EP, with production from J Reid (credits : A-Game, P Reign, Freddie Gibbs, Zeyon, Ciara, Ryan Leslie and Skeme) and Ace from Tha Cirkus. Keysha reunites with Toronto producer Gunna (who was responsible for producing her first hit “Hollywood Fresh”) on the first single off of Vanity, called “Rewind, Undo”.

“It’s always love working with Steph J, hes one of my favorite people to work with period. He gets things done, he wants a good product, hes not afraid to tell me no, or lets try something different, I learn from him” – explains Keysha.

Features include Toronto up and comer Steph J, on “See nobody” and songstress Tanisha on the title track “Vanity”, both records produced by Ace.

“Im not a vain person at all, but if I were to be, this would be it. I say a lot of things that I was…

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Are you TOO Nice?



Do you find yourself taking care of others and feeling frustrated? Do you  worry about how others are going to make it if you do not help them? Do you feel  drained by how much you do for others?

If you answered yes to those questions, you might be a codependent. My  definition of a codependent is when you take care of others at the expense of  yourself. This topic was written about extensively by Melody Beattie in the book  Codependent No More and if you want a real thorough look at the topic you should  pick up the book.

I find there is a fine line between helping another and co-dependence. Here is  a quick way to tell the difference: Co-dependence will leave you drained,  frustrated and angry; while helping for helping sake will lead you to feel  uplifted. Here are some other clues to see if you are codependent:

• You have resentment that the person you are helping should be doing more  for themselves.

• You blame them for not being different, “after all that I have done.”

• You worry about others more than they worry about themselves.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be engaging in  co dependence. If so, start by asking yourself the following questions when you  consider taking care of someone else:

1. What do I need?

2. What is MY heart’s desire?

3. How can I be helpful to another and not neglect myself in the process?

4. What do I get out of being codependent?

These questions are important, because they can help you get back in touch  with your needs and wants rather than focusing on what someone else needs and  wants. Truthfully, you can only take care of yourself, not anyone else. During  this process you might find you feel a strong pull to help the other person.  Allow yourself to hold back and give the other person an opportunity to do it  for themselves (even if it might lead to “failure”). There is a greater  satisfaction completing a task (no matter the results) themselves as opposed to  someone else doing it for them.

My motto is, “I have to be good to myself, so I can be helpful to another.”  Is this selfish? I don’t think so. Is it emotionally healthy? I think yes. The  lesson is to take care of myself and allow others to take care of  themselves.

Kim McLaughlin, MA is a licensed counselor and a motivational coach. She  specializes in counseling people with binge eating, emotional eating and eating  disorders. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

Kim McLaughlin, MA has been identified as writing one of the Top 50 Blogs  about Emotional Eating by the Institute on Emotional Eating. Sign up for her  free Special Report: Top Strategies to End Binge Eating here or visit her  website at http://www.feedyoursoulunlimited.com.

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10 Signs you want out your Relationship

1.You answer late to his texts.
The truth is your texting response speed is a dead giveaway about how much you care. If you see a message and feel no urge to respond until you are bored, you don’t like the guy as much as you used to.

2. You pretend to be on your period.
If you blame old “Aunt Flow” for your bitch modes and inability to have sex this is a very passive aggressive way to deal with your partner. When the passion is gone and anger keeps rising that is a sign you want out.

3. You don’t get mad at him anymore.
One of the strongest signs a woman doesn’t want or care about you anymore is when she lets you say and do whatever you want. She won’t stop you from going out, won’t be upset you forgot the kids at Walmart and will not care you forgot to call her back. She doesn’t care about your slip ups because she has formulated a plan to leave very soon. Either that or she has your replacement around already.

4. You flirt back with other guys.
We all flirt to an extent but hard core flirting with sexual or inappropriate tones is going overboard. If you are turning it up a notch and giving other guys the time of day, you are slipping away from your relationship.

5. You publicly shared your bbm pin.
Its common sense that if you place your bbm on social media it is seen as a public invitation for randoms to add you. If you know deep down you wanted this to happen, in hopes a cute guy would, you are checking out emotionally.

6. You hid your Facebook relationship status.
Not wanting others in your business is fine and quite healthy. However, hiding your relationship status from the public only means you want to look single and available to other singles. When you are happy with you partner you have nothing to hide.

7. You feel held back from better things.
Does being with your man make you feel stuck?  Do you look at him and believe you have really settled and could do so much better? If the real answer is ‘YES’ you are not in love with that man.

8. You have fallen out of love.
Being in love is a strong enough feeling that you definitely know when it’s happening. If you without a doubt know you are not in love with a man anymore why string him along? Afraid you will lose his support and help? If so you are thinking selfishly and creating negativity around your blessings. If you don’t want anyone to string you along don’t do it to others.

9.You are only staying for the kids.
If you are literally only staying with a man for the sake of the children you have together in the long run you are not helping them at all. Divorces and seperations hurt at any age and realizing your parents dislike each other the more you age is not comforting either. A mother needs to be happy in order to be a good mother. If you are always sad,  unhappy and depressed it will be felt by the children. Is it worth it?

10. You wait anxiously for the lease on your apartment to be up so you can move out.
So you both live together and to be quite honest you could never afford this place alone. You don’t want to move and you also don’t want to live with him. The situation is sticky but cohabiting miserably isn’t worth the daily stress.

Many of the signs listed can be solved through better forms of communication. Leaving the relationship isn’t always necessary and problems can be mended if you both really want them to be. If you are experiencing signs of lost love, address your emotions and really decide if you should stay or go. Men can be difficult but no one deserves to be mistreated or cheated on.

Written By: Natosh Monroe

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6 Reasons you should not Chase a Man


1. In order to chase something it must be trying to escape you. Men in love don’t try to escape.

To chase a man takes effort, force and loads of desperation. Sometimes you can end up chasing and not even realize until you’re drunk on World Star crying in a video you didn’t realize you uploaded. If a man is trying to leave or even thinking about it-LET HIM. I don’t care how many years you have been together. Holding on tighter won’t convince him to stay. Chances are he thinks it’s greener out there. Let him face the reality of dating in 2014. There is a 10/10 chance he will contact you again if you are nonchalant about it. Whether you want him back is up to you. Just don’t block the door you are not a barcade, you are a woman act like it.

2. Men are not careers. You chase success, money and your drinks only.

If you are self made and career driven you are used to taking control. You probably even send the “Good Morning beautiful” texts first 98% of the time. Men are not careers and the energy needs to change when dealing with them. It works when you go hard and fearlessly after career goals but not so easy with humans. The rule is chase success,  money and drinks only.

3. Think of a guy who REALLY likes you. Did you have to do any special tricks to make that happen? Answer: Nope.

When you met him he did most of the chasing and it was enjoyable. You let him take the lead while letting him know it was appreciated and worth the effort. Why change the bluueprint now? All men need is to know you appreciate their efforts and reassurance the effort isn’t going unoticed-that’s it. Just being sweet and respectful is all a lady must do. Extra crazy lengths to get his love are just not worth it.

4. Self Respect includes knowing when to let go and when you have outgrown a situation that no longer serves you.

I had to literally train myself to not feel guilty or bad when it came to releasing useless people from my life. If I knew them for years Id let them get away with murder. Today I have stopped the madness and have learned when to let go. If your relationship is miserable for him or yourself let go. If he doesn’t care to work it out, neither should you. It takes two to overcome rough patches. If you feel like you are the only one trying it’s a sign he has emotionally checked out.

5. He is most likely laughing about your stage four clinger ways with his friends which will eventually ruin your reputation with people you don’t even know-not worth it.

You know when a guy keeps messaging you retarded things you show your friends and laugh. We all do it and that’s just a fact. Do you really want his friends or God forbid new girl to see your emotional texts? Avoid the humiliation and don’t give him that pleasure. Sometimes guys will respond just to keep the ego inflated by your thirst for their attention. He doesn’t want you but he is flattered by your obsession with him in small doses. You are better than that.

6. If a guy wants you he will be giving you his time, love and attention without the need to fight for it. You’re not in the WWF relax ma’.

If when you met he knew how to call and treat you right don’t assume he forgot now. He knows very well how to treat you right he just doesn’t care or see the benefit anymore. Denying this cold hard truth isn’t going to help you in anyway. Accepting that people change and new things get rearranged is much more uplifting. If you could attract him you can attract another man. If he was good looking, you have the power to pull another handsome pants. If he was well to do, something about you appeals to men who are succeeding. Dont underestimate your power to attract better quality men. If you could swim once, you can swim again. Don’t fear the unchartered waters, you can do this.

Written By: Natosh Monroe

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6 Ways to attract a Good Man




Sounds too easy right? Must be some kind of Pyramid scheme right? No. it is that simple. When you are a good woman you attract good men. Another key ingredient in this is knowing who deserves your time and who does not. The way to know this is to look at who reminds you of yourself when it comes to the way you love. It is easier to be with someone who expresses love the same way you do.



Women who have lives just don’t have enough time to chase or notice men not putting in full effort to court them. You have many things to do with your time and are very happy with your life. Good men love women who are passionate about something other than being in their faces 24/7. What do you spend your time doing? How many goals are you actively pursuing as we speak? You should always do things to make yourself feel great about living outside of a relationship. This will add a healthy balance to any relationship you decide to enter in the future.



Are you an open book? Do you post every good, bad and ugly thing that happens in your life to social media? There is something very alluring and magnetic about a woman who can maintain a little mystery. Whether it be the limit you place on the things you share online or the information you share with others, it makes you mysterious. This doesn’t mean you have to hide anything, it means you don’t feel the need to expose every beautiful chapter of your life to whoever is willing to listen. Men have no interest in playing therapist, save your childhood trauma stories for your journal and therapist. Try keeping a little to the imagination and to the mind to think about. I am no prude so I won’t tell you how to dress but be willing to switch it up sometimes. ;)


Strong-confident-womanEveryday you should do things to feel more beautiful, empowered and capable. Self confidence shows up in your words, actions and the way you carry yourself. Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it to really feel like we have what it takes to make it. Work on telling yourself positive things and using words of affirmation to condition your mind to succeed and feel more confident. It takes time but it will eventually happen for you.



imagesHappiness is not just about yelling Bingo. To be happy means you are choosing to focus your mind on the good stuff going on in your life. This doesn’t mean things are perfect or moving without occasional hitches, it means you focus on the fact it is MOVING. What you choose to focus on expands and will effective your state of mind for the better or worse. When you decide to focus on all the great things that the future holds for you and how much you have to look forward to happiness will find you.


black-woman-readingSex is something most adults really enjoy and for good reason. However, nothing could feel worse than thinking a relationship is going *thumbs up  x fist pump* and giving it up to only be forgotten. Ouch. Not the most rewarding position to be in. All men eventually want some, but it is always in your full control when and if it happens. Let him get to know who you are as woman first. See if you share any real interests or values. I mean could you live with yourself to know you slept with a guy who thinks Beyonce’s Dangerously In Love album sucked? Or someone who thinks Nutella is gross?…These are things you need to know upfront before you wake up beside a Beyonce Nazi Nutella deprived hater. Don’t let it be you girl!

Written By: Natosh Monroe